Deployed in:   January 2003
Location:   Lat. N27 13.492' , Lon. W80 00.318', within the Sirotkin permitted reef area
Depth:   188 feet
Profile:   71 feet
Materials:   Steel freighter

Previously known as the “Lady Laura,” “Tauros,” and U.S. Army FS 553, this 168 ft. coastal freighter is enjoying a new life as a haven for an abundant marine community of deep-water species. Florida Sportsman magazine founder and editor Karl Wickstrom and the Martin County Anglers Club purchased the vessel, and its deployment was a cooperative effort among Martin County and several marine and diving organizations.

Given its depth, distance offshore and proximity to the strong currents of the Gulf Stream, the Wickstrom is appropriate for blue water anglers only. It is an advanced decompression wreck dive requiring a helium/oxygen mix, and should not be attempted by recreational divers.

This amazing deep water site hosts dozens of grouper, amberjack and spadefish. Warsaw Grouper have also been spotted at this location.

In 2005, several Reefmaker units were added to the corridor between the Wickstrom, Tree Barge and High Queen / Zeppo reef sites. These units will add to the available growth structure.