Kyle Conrad Memorial Reef
(Youtube Video, 12:55)

Artificial Reef Creation
(Flash Video, 3:09)

The Glasrud

(Flash Video, 1:14)

WPTV Channel 25 Coverage of
The Sinking of Glasrud
(Flash Video, 1:55)

MCTV Interview with
Kathy FitzPatrick,
Coastal Engineer
(Flash Video, 2:39)

Baratta Sight-Sea-Er
Tower Project

(Flash Video, 11:02)

Debbie Schmidt
Tower Project

(Flash Video, 10:34)

Nearshore C Reef

(Flash Video, 1:35)

The Texas Reef

(Flash Video, 3:33)

Nearshore B Reef

(Flash Video, 3:42)

Making Reef Balls

(Flash Video, 2:47)

WPTV Channel 5 Coverage of Oculina Banks Destruction

(Flash Video, 3:07)

Kids Section!!!

Don't Teach Your
Trash to Swim!

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