Deployed in:   December 1993
Location:   Lat. N27 12.907' , Lon. W80 06.800', within the Donaldson permitted reef area
Depth:   58 feet
Profile:   6 feet
Materials:   Steel Barge, Concrete Traffic Barriers

The Traffic Barge was so named because there were several concrete traffic barriers (Jersey Barriers) that were sitting on top of the barge when it was deployed in December 1993. It sits upright in 60 feet of water in the Donaldson Permitted Area.

There is very little documented data on the Traffic Barge prior to the 2004 Monitoring event. The Jersey Barricades are stacked about 7 feet high on the Northwest corner of the barge. Both the barge and barricades are very heavily encrusted with Benthic organisms.

In 2005, the Traffic Barge reef site was augmented with the addition of four Reefmaker units that now surround the site and add to the available growth structure.