Deployed in:   October, 2002
Location:   Lat. N27 11.415' , Lon. W80 06.522', within the Donaldson permitted reef area
Depth:   55 feet
Profile:   32 feet
Materials:   Steel ship

This artificial reef is composed of limestone rock-rubble originating from the St. Lucie Inlet Navigational Maintenance Project completed in 2002. The site is at the southwest corner of the Donaldson Reef Site within the Three Nautical Mile State Waters Boundary (3-nm State Line), in a water depth of approximately 17 m (55 ft).

Additional materials placed in May 2005 at the Texas Reef Site included 15 Florida Special artificial reef units and bridge rubble including steel spans from the original Jensen Beach Causeway drawbridge. Florida Special Units were arranged around the southern boundary of Texas Reef; additional Florida Special Units were placed within the Donaldson Reef Site seaward of the State Line

Watch a video of the Texas Reef (Flash Video, 3:33)