Deployed in:   August 2003
Location:   Lat. N27 13.489' , Lon. W80 00.257', within the Sirotkin permitted reef area
Depth:   190 feet
Profile:   10 feet
Materials:   Tugboat High Queen & Steel barge Zeppo

The 57-foot tugboat High Queen met its dramatic end in December 2002, when it sank in the St. Lucie Inlet in rough seas. Fortunately, the crew survived without serious injury.

The High Queen’s life on the water was over, but her new life under water had just begun. The tugboat and the unnamed 120-foot barge she was towing were salvaged from the inlet, and deployed with another barge named Zeppo as a deep water artificial reef.

Located east of the Wickstrom Reef and north of the Tree Barge, the High Queen/Zeppo is developing into another great site for blue water angling. Its depth and strong currents make it unsuitable for recreational diving.

In 2005, several Reefmaker units were added to the corridor between the Wickstrom, Tree Barge and High Queen / Zeppo reef sites. These units will add to the available growth structure.