Deployed in:   September 1990
Location:   Lat. N27 13.364' , Lon. W80 06.959', within the Donaldson permitted reef area
Depth:   62 feet
Profile:   8 feet
Materials:   Steel Barge

The Pipe Barge was named because it was literally covered in Steel pipes prior to its deployment on September 13, 1990. It sits upright in 60 feet of water in the Donaldson Permitted Area. Due to it’s unique shape and the fact that it was covered with pipes, the Pipe Barge was the only barge that the F.O.S. dive team was able to identify in the pre-deployment pictures that were found in the Martin County archive.

Currently the Pipe Barge is still in fairly good condition but it is starting to show signs of deterioration on the side panels and deck plating. It is now heavily encrusted. For whatever reason, the Steel pipes are now mostly present on the East side of the barge. Two of the tall Spuds are still intact and attract a lot of Fish. Perhaps this is because they sit higher up in the water column.