Deployed in:   1971
Location:   Lat. N27 09.395' , Lon. W80 03.312', within the Ernst permitted reef area
Depth:   70 feet
Profile:   4 feet
Materials:   Steel Barge

The North Barge is so named because it is the Northernmost barge in this triangle of barges. Much like its sister barges, the North Barge was a popular spearfishing site for some of the members of the F.O.S. Dive Team in the late 1980's thru early 1990's. They recall it being upright, heavily encrusted, and intact with some swim through holes in the cargo area.

During the Monitoring event of 2004, it was noted that the North Barge is still relatively intact but has undergone some noticeable collapse and scattering over the years. There are still numerous tires scattered on and around this site as well. As a point of interest, the Evans Crary bridge rubble lies approximately 75 feet West of the North Barge. It makes for an interesting dive between the two sites. Most of the larger fish seem to be more attracted to the Evans Crary rubble than the barges.