Deployed in:   January 2011
Location:   -
Depth:   150 feet
Profile:   -
Materials:   Tug Boat Tuff-E-Nuff (2-inch thick steel, riveted)

Tuff-E-Nuff, originally known as Thomas Cunningham Sr., was a late 19th-century tugboat which has had a remarkable 112-year commercial career. She was still operating as a working tugboat as recently as May 2007.

After having been decommissioned, fish habitat creators with the MCAC Reef Fund towed the 70-foot steel tugboat Tuff-E-Nuff out to the Sirotkin Reef permit area managed by Martin County's Coastal Engineering department. The area is about two miles square and is situated in 150 to 180 feet of water about nine miles east-northeast of the St. Lucie Inlet.

Before heading to its final resting place on the sea floor, the tugboat was rechristened and now bears a steel sign with its new name, Kyle Conrad Reef. The reef project was a wish by the parents and family of Kyle Conrad, 21, a standout soccer player at Jensen Beach High School and Lynn University who lost his life in tragic mishap in early December. Conrad was passionate about watersports and spent much of his time fishing, diving and spearfishing the natural and artificial reefs in Treasure Coast waters.