Deployed in:   Summer 2000
Location:   Lat. N27 09.346' , Lon. W80 03.368', within the Ernst permitted reef area
Depth:   75 feet
Profile:   25 feet
Materials:   Concrete piles, roadway sections, steel drawbridge leafs, steel lifting gears, cast iron & PVC water main piping, steel & aluminum electrical conduit, concrete handrail & sidewalk sections

Whether you’re diving its intricate surfaces or fishing its thriving waters, the Evans- Crary reef site is guaranteed to deliver an exceptional aquatic experience. Located just five miles offshore from the St. Lucie Inlet, Evans-Crary is MCARP’s most successful artificial reef to date. It is one of our area’s most popular fishing sites, and is also the best intermediate artificial reef dive site in Martin County.

The Evans-Crary Reef offers an amazing array of marine life within a concentrated area (300 ft. long x 80 ft. wide), from barracuda and spotted eagle rays to abundant yellowtail snapper and grouper. Feeding frenzies have been witnessed at this site.

The reef was created with concrete and deck span pieces from the old Evans-Crary Bridge. Its complex surfaces provide an ideal habitat for a diverse marine community, and offer divers a fascinating terrain for exploration.