Deployed in:   December 1986
Location:   Lat. N27 08.233' , Lon. W80 07.344'
Depth:   45 feet
Profile:   9 feet
Materials:   Steel Barge

The Bull Shark Barge (Originally named “Vaughn Jordan”) is a Steel Barge that was mistakenly deployed in the wrong non-permitted area due to a Tugboat Captains error on December 3, 1986. It sits upside-down in 45 feet of water approximately 2 miles South of the St. Lucie Inlet due East of the St. Lucie Inlet State Park.

It is heavily encrusted and attracts a large number of fish and fishermen. Cobia, Kingfish, Gag Grouper and African Pompano are common catches. While diving, large schools of Snook and Barracuda are almost always encountered, as are several resident Goliath Grouper.